How to Effectively Utilize Ceiling Fans and Lower Your Bills

The current state of our surroundings has made customers become more conscious of the products they purchase. Efficiency has become one of the highest priorities nowadays. If you understand how to effectively utilize ceiling fans and other home appliances, your electricity bills would decrease and provide you more savings. When looking for efficient fans, start looking for the Energy Star logo. This is a recognized program that promotes energy efficient products. These lovers are 50 percent more effective than standard fan units. There are particular online retailers such as Sea Gull Lighting that supply a list of Energy Star qualified enthusiasts. The 525 blade fan Quality Max Collection product number 15030-853 is priced at 151.80. Its blades have a traditional eastern walnut finish and the engine is precision balanced for a shake free operation.

Star Ceiling

Additionally, it has a limited lifetime guarantee. If you understand how to effectively utilize ceiling fans such as this during summer and winter, you can save as much as 15 percent of your electric bills. During winter time, what you could do is undo the fan’s motors so that it would turn counter-clockwise. This pushes the heat downwards and evenly heats your room. The summer time Might make you use a central A/C to cool off your living environment. Residential fans will also do the trick less the costs of air conditioning. Another Energy Star qualified product to use is Emerson Fans CF755ORB Designer Fan, sold at Amazon for only 179 in the listed price of 268.50. This has 188mm spinner motor, 5 dark cherry blades and a 3 speed pull chain. The housing of this fan is seamless and there is no visible hardware for a more attractive appearance. The product also has a limited lifetime warranty.

 By understanding how to efficiently use ceiling fans during the summer months, you are only going to be using 1/40th of the cost of conducting central ac. By earning your ceiling fan turn in a clockwise motion, this will allow better flow in the room and force the warm atmosphere. Ceiling fans are not used to cool down or warm a space; you could also use it for light. Understanding how to effectively use star ceiling which have light fixtures would not minimize the usage of your A/C but also your lighting. An excellent product to think about is Hunter Fans’ 21435 52 French Vanilla Ceiling Fan w/ Light, which is available in Amazon for 148. The list price for this item is 222 so you would have the ability to save 30. It is a high performance, high speed motor and a 22-watt fluorescent lighting.